August 2023 Connect: Equipping You

Session 1  (3AM Hawaii, 5AM Alaska, 6AM PDT, 7AM MDT, 8AM CDT, 9AM EDT)
Session 2  (6AM Hawaii, 8AM Alaska, 9AM PDT, 10AM MDT, 11AM CDT, Noon EDT)

Join Us August 26, 2023

The new Awana season is coming up quickly, and having equipped, confident leaders is the best way to start the year on the right foot. At this special online session, you’ll hear from Pastor Shawn Thornton about the importance of child discipleship and explore five key topics about reaching kids in 2023.

  • Understanding the Kids of Today and How to Disciple Them
  • Navigating Sports Schedules
  • Building a Community of Discipleship
  • Connecting in Small Groups: Help Kids See Scripture through the Lens of the Gospel
  • Don't Just Fill a Spot: Recruit Leaders with a Vision to Disciple Kids

Following the main event, dig into your main equipping interest with a Deep Dive hosted by various child discipleship missionaries from Awana. We're here to help prepare leaders for a fruitful ministry year!

Deep Dive Forums

Want to dig deeper into one or more topics that you heard this morning?  Interact with others like yourself and how they are solving needs?  After the main session ends, come back here and click on any of the links below to get your questions asked and answered!

Understanding the Kids of Today and How to Disciple Them
Today's kids learn differently through logic and live in a world based on self, which changes some of the basic methods of discipling them. 

Navigating Sports Schedules
Today's kids have very busy schedules. Sports, music, homework, 2 income families can all be distractions to discipleing kids for Christ. Finding balance can be difficult. Tune in to find tips on how 

Building a Community of Discipleship
Discipleship happens within relationship. How can we build a culture of discipleship with our children, teens, parents and leaders 

Connecting in small groups to help kids see scripture through the lens of the gospel
The theme of the Bible is God's plan to redeem man...The gospel is found throughout the Bible. How can we teach kids to view all scripture through the lens of the gospel is an important discipleship skill. 

Don't just fill a spot, recruit leaders with a vision to disciple kids
Learn proven methods to recruit leaders with a vision and passion for child discipleship

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